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Since 1984, we have been developing and selling special machines made in Germany. Through our specialty in roll cutting machines and winding machines we are trusted by well known companies in the converting industry all over the world. Machines from MAVEG can be found in the rubber, plastic and textile industry, everywhere, where foils, adhesive tapes and non-woven fabrics are winded and cut.

Strikingly inconspicuous special machines

MAVEG roll cutting machines and winding machines are known for their inconspicuousness. We think that only an inconspicuous machine is a good machine: It adapts smoothly to the production plant processes and you do not need to worry about a machine downtime. However we become noticeable through our flexibility and our short distances.

Experience makes the difference

This way, we were able to commission more than 400 special machines at our customers during the last 30 years. The fact, that the first machines we commissioned are still operating, makes us proud and confirms our daily decisions in the sense of our customers.

Quality machines from Germany

The current machinery directive and our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 guarantee observance of maximum safety standards for our machines.

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Quality Syst Certification DNV Iso 9001
Deutschland Rollenabstechmaschinen WickelmaschinenDeutschland Rollenabstechmaschinen Wickelmaschinen

The company MAVEG GmbH from Germany is supplier of for the converting industry (rubber industry, plastic industry, textile industry). The company offers the special manufacturing of roll cutting machines (resp. Cutting machines, separation machines, roll cutting machines, roll cutters) and winding machines (resp. winders, unwinders, unwinding machines, winding machines, roll saw machine). With these machines adhesive bands, foils, adhesive foils, protective foils, PVC foil, decoration foils, rubber foils, foam foils, self-adhesive foils, carbon foils, carbon tissues, roof sheeting, roofing papers, technical tissues and non-woven fabrics are cut and winded.