Winding machines for the converting industry

The MAVEG GmbH is a German manufacturer of individual winding machines for the world-wide converting field. With more than 30 years of experience, we are your competent contact person for the winding technology in the rubber, plastic and textile industry.

Whether you control the winding tension, the course of the material edges between the un- and rewinding or to carry out an automatic roll change – then call for us! We always have a solution for you!

We plan and develop your special machine based on your individual production conditions and on the products to be processed as well as according to current machinery directive. Ask us and find out about the quality, performance and safety of the MAVEG machines.

Application fields of our winding machines

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Foils
  • Adhesive foils
  • Protection foils
  • PVC foils
  • Decoration foils
  • Rubber foils
  • Foam foils
  • Self-adhesive foils
  • Carbon foils/ carbon tissue
  • Roof sheeting/ roofing paper
  • Technical fabrics
  • Non-woven fabrics

Strong performances for strong special machines

Inquire your machine construction

Quality Syst Certification DNV Iso 9001
Deutschland Rollenabstechmaschinen WickelmaschinenDeutschland Rollenabstechmaschinen Wickelmaschinen

The company MAVEG GmbH from Germany is supplier of for the converting industry (rubber industry, plastic industry, textile industry). The company offers the special manufacturing of roll cutting machines (resp. Cutting machines, separation machines, roll cutting machines, roll cutters) and winding machines (resp. winders, unwinders, unwinding machines, winding machines, roll saw machine). With these machines adhesive bands, foils, adhesive foils, protective foils, PVC foil, decoration foils, rubber foils, foam foils, self-adhesive foils, carbon foils, carbon tissues, roof sheeting, roofing papers, technical tissues and non-woven fabrics are cut and winded.