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MAVEG GmbH company has specialized in the special machines construction for roll cutting machines and winding machines in Germany. They are used in the international rubber, plastic and textile industry for the cutting and winding of foils, adhesive tapes and non-woven fabrics.

Special machines customised

We know that no production plant is like the other and that no product is like the other. Therefore, we have been developing and selling customized special machines for the converting industry by dimension for more than 30 years.

Quality right down to the smallest detail

When you work with a special machine from MAVEG then we offer you qualified technical advice, as well as the meeting of the highest quality and safety standards. This way, we guarantee a smooth integration of our roll cutting machines and winding machines in your production processes.

High performance for highly performing machines

With our long-years’ experience in the construction of special machines we offer individualised and personal consultancy. Following the technical meeting with you our engineers create the design drawing as basis for the cost calculation.
Special machine
After the mechanical completion, the engineers cooperate with the machine builders, electricians and programmers, in order to give life to your roll cutting machine or winding machines.
Our special machine will be assembled at your location and put into operation through our technicians. Production-related modifications of our machines are often necessary and possible through our technicians.
Following the commission the staff will be trained sufficiently for the operation and maintenance of the machine. Our technical documentation includes diverse descriptions of the most important components and units of the machine.
Should a technical failure occur, we can react to the failure and determine measures to get rid of the fault. On request, we can take over the regular maintenance for a long lifetime.
Spare parts
We always recommend the storage of important spare- and wear parts. We do not deliver a standard machine and therefore we are not always able to deliver special spare parts from stock immediately.
Roll cutting- and winding machines
Roll cutting machines

Individually for straight edges and clean cuts.

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Winding machines

Performance for an efficient production.

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ICE Europe 2019, the World’s Leading Exhibition for Paper, Film and Foil Converting
Maveg ISO ZertifizierungMaveg ISO ZertifizierungDeutschland Rollenabstechmaschinen WickelmaschinenDeutschland Rollenabstechmaschinen Wickelmaschinen

The company MAVEG GmbH from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is supplier of for the converting industry (rubber industry, plastic industry, textile industry). The company offers the special manufacturing of roll cutting machines (resp. Cutting machines, separation machines, roll cutting machines, roll cutters) and winding machines (resp. winders, unwinders, unwinding machines, winding machines). With these machines adhesive bands, foils, adhesive foils, protective foils, PVC foil, decoration foils, rubber foils, foam foils, self-adhesive foils, carbon foils, carbon tissues, roof sheeting, roofing papers, technical tissues and non-woven fabrics are cut and winded.


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